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THE PRODUCE NEWS: Industry Viewpoint: The Key to Produce Buyers Having Fresh, Quality Products

The droughts and heatwaves that hit the U.S. this summer received a lot of attention. And now Florida has been impacted by one of the most powerful storms to ever hit our shores. These weather patterns have far-reaching impacts on crops, including availability and quality.

Maintaining produce supply is key to keeping your distribution doors open and your costs controlled. With the changing climate, relying on one region for all your produce needs can wreak havoc on your supply and ultimately your ability to serve customers. Partnering with growers around the world is one way produce distributors can keep a stable inventory and meet buyers’ demand.

Read Francisco Clouthier's full article in The Produce News to learn more about the crops impacted and key considerations when partnering with international growers and how they help keep produce quality and availability constant.

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