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Our Commitment to Food Safety

At Maui Fresh International, we are diligent in our quest to deliver safe produce in every case. With perfect annual scores on Primus GFS, our team is trained in the most up-to-date handling of products. 

Our food safety and facility teams are constantly striving to improve our facilities and food safety program while maintaining a high standard of excellence.

All of our produce is sourced from vetted, inspected, and approved sources and our Azzule membership enables our food safety team to continuously monitor our vendors’ compliance statuses. To help us fulfill our food safety commitment, we rely on the latest in technology and global certification. 

  • PrimusGFS v3.2 certified facility

  • CCOF USDA NOP certified Organic operation

  • Members of Azzule with access to over 11,500 vendor audits

  • Fully temperature-controlled warehouse with customizable temperature zones

  • Quality control and product inspections completed on incoming and outgoing products

  • Regular maintenance and calibration of equipment, including coolers, scales, and thermometers
  • Leverage GSTI codes for tracking
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