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Maui Fresh International is a wholesaler and distributor of fruits and vegetables for local and national customers since 2004. We maintain our consistency in quality through relationships with our growers and vendors throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Europe.

Our Facilities

Maui Fresh currently operates out of a 24,000 sq. ft lot inside the LA produce terminal and a 90,000 sq. ft warehouse just a few blocks away from its market location.

Our Commitment to Food Safety

It is the policy of Maui Fresh to meet our responsibility to provide our customers with food products that have been handled in the best possible manner to reduce the possibility of personally or environmentally transmitted contaminants.


We implement global standards and principles through programs, such as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Hygienic Practices (GHP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All employees are trained on the process necessary to limit the transmission of contaminants in the food chain as part of the orientation when hired and continuous training.

Francisco Clouthier

General Manager

Maui Fresh International

1601 E. Olympic Blvd. (Head Office)

# 509/510

Los Angeles, CA, 90021

Warehouse and Sales Hours

Mon - Fri: 2am - 4pm

Tel: +1 (213) 688-0880


Maui Fresh International

2652 Long Beach Ave (Warehouse)

Los Angeles, CA, 90058

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