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Maui Fresh for Products and Services You Can Trust

Maui Fresh International is a wholesaler and distributor of fruits and vegetables for local and national customers since 2004. With a finger on the pulse of the global supply chain, and a deep understanding of the impact of extreme weather and other socio-political changes in the various growing regions, Maui Fresh is able to pivot quickly to ensure consistent supply. We communicate daily with our grower and vendor partners throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, Asia, Europe, Central and South America to ensure consistency and quality.

Our Facilities

Maui Fresh currently operates out of a 30,000 sq. ft lot inside the LA produce terminal and a 90,000 sq. ft warehouse just a few blocks away from its market location.

Quality Produce Conveniently Available in Los Angeles

Maui Fresh International’s Terminal Market serves Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. The 30,000 sq. ft daily market provides a variety of items to ensure you have the items you need – whether you need a truckload or a box.

Whatever you require, we have the quality and quantity for you. We are at the market daily starting at midnight and our warehouse is open at 2:00 am so we can better serve your needs.


Our Commitment to Food Safety


It is the policy of Maui Fresh to meet our responsibility to provide our customers with food products that have been handled in the best possible manner to reduce the possibility of personally or environmentally transmitted contaminants.


We implement global standards and principles through programs, such as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Hygienic Practices (GHP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All employees are trained on the process necessary to limit the transmission of contaminants in the food chain as part of the orientation when hired and continuous training.

Francisco Clouthier

General Manager

Maui Fresh Services

Maui Fresh provides its customers with more than simply fresh fruits and vegetables. We serve as a partner and provide customized services designed to meet your high standards of quality and freshness.



Our consolidation services provide a cost-effective solution leveraging multiple shippers from multiple locations to minimize pick-ups and avoid trucking delays.


Cross docking

We help you get product in and out and onto your truck in an efficient and timely manner.


Packaging and Custom Packing

Save time and resources by leveraging our customized packaging solutions. Our team ensures that quality products are packed to cater to your specific needs and are ready to use.


Direct to Store Delivery

We offer a DSD program, available when you need it, that is designed to efficiently deliver product directly to your stores.                                                                                                                                                                                    

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