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You cannot become one of the best produce wholesalers / distributors around Los Angeles overnight.


Our company has a long history.


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From the general manager to admin assistants and our truck drivers, we work together to give you the best produce in the market.


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 Our Commitment To Food Safety

 It is the policy of Maui Fresh to meet our responsibility to provide our customers with food products that have been handled in the best possible manner to reduce the possibility of personally or environmentally transmitted contaminants. 

We implement global standards and principles through programs, such as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Hygienic Practices (GHP), Good ManufacturingPractices (GMP). All employees are trained on the process necessary to limit the transmission of contaminants in the food chain as part of the orientation when hired.

Francisco Clouthier

General Manager





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Business Hours

Maui Fresh International

1601 E. Olympic Blvd (Head Office)
Los Angeles, CA, 90021


Call 213-688-0880 or use our contact form.


Maui Fresh International (Warehouse)

2652 Long Beach Avenue

Los Angeles, CA, 90058

Our warehouse and sales department is open from 2am to 4pm PST Monday to Friday. Please call us at +1 213 688 0880 and we will gladly assist you


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